About Us


The Emerald Networks submarine cable system “Emerald Express” is a new-build network that will connect North America to Europe and Iceland with extraordinary new capacity and will be a low-latency network across the Atlantic. Emerald Networks is an open network architecture platform that is agnostic and enables upgrades with various new technologies. Our unique route links Shirley, New York to the West Coast of Ireland with a branch connection to Grindavik, Iceland and a future branch connection to Southern Europe.

The “Emerald Express” will be the most advanced next generation undersea telecommunications system constructed to date! It is a software-managed, intelligent network that will provide low-latency, utilize sophisticated coherent digital technology, and increased bandwidth. Emerald Express will be comprised of four fibre pairs, designed to carry 100 wavelengths of light on each fibre pair, with each wavelength operating at an initial speed of 100 Gbps, equivalent to 10 Tbps per fibre pair, resulting in 40 Tbps cross-sectional capacity.

The “Emerald Express” system focuses on wholesale low latency transatlantic services for carriers, ISPs and the financial services sector. In addition, the Emerald Express system connects data centre industries in Iceland and Ireland. These countries are strategically located, have accessible governments, attractive tax laws and offer renewable green energy to drive data center power costs down dramatically. The Data Centre in Iceland and Ireland and the key financial markets of New York and London have never been better served. The system is scheduled to be ready for service by 4Q 2014